Friday, July 29, 2005

Now as loneliness settles in and Mike and I are back to the old swing of is just quiet!! Our friends Charlie and Kathy left today after taking me out to eat at MOE'S. In case you don't know what a MOE'S is..well it is a Southwestern Grill. They have the biggest burrito and etc .that you can find. I had the one Kathy likes but cannot remember the name. I do remember Charlie's. His was called "The Home Wreaker". What a name for a burrito!!

We had a good long time for visiting this time. Charlie and Kathy got to see a lot of their supporters which is great for them. We got to see them coming back to the "Home BASE" in with their tired bodies and with tired faces. It was good for them to get this all done but very, very tiring.

They left this afternoon around 2:00 and are now on their way to Atlanta to see Old friends, Sue and Jim. Tomorrow they are heading back home!! I know they are ready for their little "nest".

It is hotter than Hades here today!! My car thermometer said 101 this afternoon!! That is really HOT!! Almost makes me sick!!

My old friend, Mike will be coming home soon so I will not be as lonely. He has been my friend for a LONG time now!! He seems to stick by me no matter what. It is great to have a friend like that.

Hope you all have good friends....!!!

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