Saturday, May 15, 2010

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fun at my house

Long time no blog..Once again!! Seems like I am getting REALLY good at this!! My life is so full anymore. I thought the older you get the slower you get..Well that is not the case here.

I go every day doing something. Yesterday morning I was up and running over to my daughter's home once again to take care of the kids. I took them to school like I do about twice a week. Only this time Garrett had a breakfast for parents. Since mommy had to work...guess I am next best for now anyway!! The kids had a project. They had to first pick a state, then do a newspaper...headlines, job articles, sports article and all the columns like a realy newspaper. Garrett choose Illinois. The article that you see below is his job offering. I told him that I would like to have this job and I would work ONLY one day since the pay was so entirely GREAT!! He did really well on his newspaper. They had the make up the articles with the help of the computer for research too. Glad that I got to go...

Our good friends Charlie and Kathy are here from Virginia. They are missionaires at the ETS (Equipping the Saints). When they come here to Savannah to visit their supporters they stay with us. I feel so thankful to have them here! We have had a great time as we always do!!
Kathy and I still need to go see a movie!! HOpefully that will be soon. Yesterday we went and visited the new Live Oak Library here in Savannah. This picture above is on the steps coming down from the 2nd floor. Garrett just cannot be good even in a picture!! He had to do his Saturday Night Live position...I guess!! It is a beautiful library!! Gorgeous!!

In this picture you see Kathy and Charlie looking at a big animal book that Garrett was really enjoying. He loves animals of all kinds. Last week when I was at his home, he started screaming outside. Maddie and I ran outside. Garrett had a big long black snake pointed out to us. I wondered what to do. He ran in the house and got his gun, a knife and whatever he thought he could use. Finally the poor frightened snake ran into the bushes. We have to get used to those things here in Georgia.

Here is Madison in front of one of the trees in our new library!! She is growing up so fast. Soon she is going to be taller than her old grandmother!!

Charlie bought Garrett a young inventor's kit. You can make all kinds of things with magnets, wires and etc. Last night Mike helped Garrett make this fan thing where you make the fan go around with a battery and wires. I am not much into stuff like this but Garrett loved it and anything that Mike helps him with...well that is just GREAT!! He loves his grandpa!! Isn't that wonderful?
Family is the most important thing to me in this life. I am on my way back to Illinois for a week on the 4th of May!! My mother is getting her right knee scoped!! Dad says that he cannot take care of her. He is having a lot of troubles remembering things. He is 91!! I hate it knowing that he is experiencing this. He only wants me there to help so I am going!!
My life seems to be filled lately with so many people wanting me....I have heard about the sandwich generation and I guess I am in that one now!! Just another phase in my life I reckon!!
Hope my blogger friends are doing well in their own worlds right now! Mine is just plain B---U-----S---Y!!!

This is my world....FLIP FLOP FLOOZIE!!
Thought for today: "May you be overwhelmed with the grace of God rather than the cares of life."

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our home in April 2010

Just really proud of the way our house looks today!! Mike and I worked on it and cut down a big oleander that was dying on the right hand side of our house. Someone planted it UNDER the porch..DUH!! We think it looks better. Found some plants at Walmart on sale too!! I love flowers can you tell!!

This is looking at our home from a bit of a different direction. The April flowers are just gorgeous here right now. My favorite month in Savannah is April

My azaeleas are really showing their glory this year. Behind them are gardenias which will bloom all summer long!! I LOVE their fragrance!!
All else is going well here. Mike is home today and tomorrow!! We are getting ready for a garage sale this coming Saturday!! That is so much WORK..another four letter word in our world!! Smile!! We need to get our garage CLEANED out!! Tomorrow is a NO SCHOOL day and daughter works so we have the kids all day!! Plus I have to work in the afternoon so Gpa is going to be watching the kids for a few hours for me!! Love sharing this responsibility every once in a while.
Our son in law, Roger is coming home this Wednesday to stay for a few days. They have had several look at their home but no contracts yet!! The right one WILL come along!!
Hope you are having a wonderful and blessed weekend!! We are!!
Thought for the day: "People will forget what you said. People will never forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel." Go out and spread this!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Savannah NOW

Just wanted to share some of the beautiful sights here in Savannah right now!! April is one of the prettiest months if you ever are thinking about visiting here!! Flowers everywhere!!

Friday, April 09, 2010


Wisteria at my neighbor's home

Some have been asking me..."how come you aren't blogging anymore?"...Answer because I have been so darned stinkin' busy!! That is my answer and it is the truth!!

Seems like all I do is take care of grandkids, work, bible study, take care of grandkids, sleep and eat!! That is about it!!

I miss blogging and I miss reading others blogs...My life has just FILLED up since I turned 65!! I thought I was supposed to relax!! Smile!! Not happenin'....

Life has been on the fast track for some time. I just discovered that I am now in the "sandwich generation". I know what it is but now I know what it REALLY IS!!

I am trying to burn candles with more ends than two sometimes!! Hubby is very busy with his new job and is being successful at the ripe ole' age of 65!! Mature workers are GOOD WORKERS!! They have ethics when it comes to work!! They also know that they cannot quit or they will not eat!!

I enjoy working at Curves. I have been working out there for 5 years now this past week. This is the longest that I have ever stayed in a place that has that big it!! It has given me endurance, disipline and determination which are good qualities to develop!! I mostly enjoy when a member comes in and I get to weigh and measure them!! I get so excited for them that you would think I had actually lost the weight and inches myself!!

Our home is still on the market and I think we should just take the sign down and wait a bit!! Our daughter and her family are really struggling to get theirs sold!! Roger is in Illinois working and that family needs to be together. I am not going to like it when they move but I know it is for the betterment of that family. The kids need to attend better schools and the Illinois schools are tons better than down here.

April is here along with the Azaleas and the Wisteria!! My favorite time of the year!! I have some gorgeous salmon colored azaleas!! I bet downtown Savannah is gorgeous right now because those are all mature flowers!! The weather has been great!! Our air conditioner went back on when I was struggling to cook supper one night!! Could not stand the heat!! Spring is here and summer is just a step ahead!!

Having a lot of deaths around here which is very sad!! Parents in Illinois are not doing great and so that is a concern for me!! Other family members are having problems!! The devill is doing his best right now in some families!! He knows how and where to hit!!

Me I am very happy right now in my life!! I wish that things could just stay the same but in this life they just never do...stay the same.

On the light side: We have several male neighbors next door. They must have a dog. I was outside planting and pulling weeds. Along the side of my house they have let their dog "do his business"....very bad!! I tried to clean some up and noticed spaghetti; bubble gum and a condom in that mess. My two grands were here. I told them to be careful about playing on the one side of the house. They came running in saying that they saw a snake skin in that dog's waste!! Sure a snake skin!! I am so glad that they are naive and do not know the difference!! I wanted to remember this to let them know one day when they get older and know the difference between a snake skin and a condom!!

Well, need to study Jeremiah now!! We are really into this book. He was quite a prophet to people that would not listen to him...Sounds just like today's world. No wonder he was called the, "weeping prophet"!!

Have a wonderful weekend!! Your blogging friend...still..really!!


Thought for the day: "Remember, every problem has a gift for you in its hands!"

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Family; fighting cats and my flip flop world

Another dreary day here in the South Eastern United States!! Just hoping for some sun later on today!! It seems that I don't do well without it!! Just need my sun!!

Things are going pretty well here lately. Mike is loving his new job and had his first sale this past Monday!! He was so excited and of course I told him that I knew he would do it!! He wants so bad to be able to make this job work. We both know that God gave him this job because how many 65 year olds do you know that have a completely new job in this crazy economy? Not many..right?? He had two more window jobs yesterday that have not sold yet and a fence job today that he is hoping to sell. It just takes time and he is a very patient man!!

Our new kitties are still doing their own fighting!! I am wondering just how long this is going to last but have to keep a positive attitude that they will be become friends one of these days. Annie is only 3 but she looks at this new kitty, Lilly like she is just completely aggravated with her. Annie actually screams at her just like a woman's scream. It is bone chilling!! The first time I heard it I thought someone was really hurt and hurt badly!! It was just Annie telling Lilly to get out of her way!! For a bit Annie was not even eating but she has started to eat now. She realizes when the little one is asleep that is the time to get out and eat and roam. What fun!! Love being the mom of two fighting girls..CATS that is!! This is as close as they dare to get to each other. Lilly is on the left and Annie sleeping with one eye opened!! Smile!!

Our house is still on the market and will be for some time I am thinking!! We may reduce it this Spring. Our kids have reduced theirs and are hoping for some traffic soon. I think once the weather gets to be warmer that things will start. Our neighbor sold hers but she had to give it away. We are NOT going to do that not this time!!

Our son, Jon has moved to Texas now and likes his new job. He started this past Monday the 1st. He had a long trip from California and also with his finace losing her son it was a hard trip!! He is lonely but I am hoping that he makes friends soon. We are so proud of him for landing a new job in this economy. So both of my "men" are doing fine now!! Praise God!!

Me..well I am feeling so so much better. My wrist still hurts at times but it is getting better every day. My knee is still not looking great but the doctors say there is nothing that can be done for it. I just have to be patient and hope that is goes all the way down. It really does not bother me. I go to Curves 3 times a week and so both my wrist and my knee are getting the exercise that they need. I am back to working again pretty much part time but working!! Good to have some money of my own once again!! I really do love working at Curves. Such nice people there.

Guess our great and wonderful president was here in Savannah yesterday. I did not have any
desire to see him. Many did though. I have seen Nixon and Reagan guess that is enough for me. They are just ordinary men who have somehow landed the BIGGEST job in America!!

Been studying Matthew and also found this great bible that I am now having my devotions from. It uses both the old and new testament plus a little devotional for every day. It is really a good way to read your bible. It is called, " Everyday with Jesus Bible". I am really enjoying it.

I have been doing a lot of reading lately too. Seems like I just get to reading and just want to keep going. We have an outlet mall here in Savannah that has books at WONDERFUL prices. I went out there a week or so ago and bought 5 books..hard backs for $8.00. I picked up a great book called..."The Spirit of Sweetgrass". It is by Nicole Seitz. It is the story of Essie Mae. She sits along side of Highway 17 by Charleston, So. Caroling and makes her baskets out of sweet grass. If you would like to read a very light, funny and great book, go pick this one up. You will laugh and also cry through it. I dearly loved it. It is right up there with my favorites!! I am now on another book called, "Plague Maker" by Tim Downs. I love it when I can find books that are good and there is no offensive language in them. I also finished, "Shutter Island". It does have bad language but it was quite an interesting and thrilling book. Would love to see the movie!!
Get to reading, it is such a great way to learn new things!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Sunshine Award and other news

Today I received this Sunshine Award and would like to pass it on to other bloggers that i feel always bring SUNSHINE into my life when I read their blogs.

I would like to pass this onto the following:

Lazy Daisy: She helped me get my blog up and going!! Her Mr. Wonderful came up with my fascinating name!! I can never change this because no one would know who I am...thanks to Mr. Wonderful!! She has a wonderful sense of humor. I always wanted her to write a book. I told her that I would buy it!! That is the best reason for writing one!! Thanks through Daisy I have met so many wonderful bloggers from all over the world.

My Canadian Friend: I was so happy when I found this friend!! She has a great hubby that she has had to care for because of his chronic pain. I found out right away that she also loves cats and well so do I for sure!! I love reading her blog (when I can) and keeping in touch with her. I have never met her but have talked to her here on the computer through IM's. What fun!!

Barb: I first met Barb at Curves here in Savannah. She and I just became friends very easily. She even lives close to me. She was interested in my blogging so one day I got her set up!! She has been blogging ever since. Barb is a very sweet and happy lady!! She always brings Sunshine to me when I am with her or when I read her blog!!

Melli: This is a REALLY fun lady as many of you know that know her. We had a blogging babes week here at my house and had a ball. She even let me color her hair!! She writes in a very funny and relaxed style which I just love!! She is a good this Sunshine award should go to her...

Denise: This lady is someone that i would love to meet!! She takes care of both of her parents which is a completely full time job!! She and I have been friends for some time too. This is what I dearly love about blogging..meeting these sweet people that I would have never met any other way!! Sending Sunshine your way....

This sweet lady lives in Canada also!! I love the Canadian bloggers!! She is a very giving person and is always giving away gifts of which I was once a winner. I don't remember how I met her but I have loved going to her blog all these years now and enjoying her life right along with her...


In other news: It has been a long time since I actually blogged!! Many things have happened..some fun and some not so fun like the news we received this morning from our son, Jon in California.

He is engaged to a beautiful lady named, Maria. She lost her 30 year old son yesterday suddenly. They are not sure why yet as they will be doing an autopsy soon. They are all just devastated of course.

Jon just landed a job in Texas and will be leaving for there this week. Now he is torn with leaving Maria and trying to get to Texas to start his new job this coming Monday the 1st. This has been a terrible shock to this family. Jon said Oscar was like a son to him so this is not a good time for our son.


I finally HAD TO CELEBRATE that 65th birthday with wrinkle cream going on my face as quickly as I could get it there..No really, I did not feel good on my birthday. I think this one really got me and of course I LET it get to me. I am now on the other side of it and living to tell about it. I guess it did not hurt!! I am still the same lady!!

Mike is doing well and will be starting his new position this coming week. He has been going back to school which I am sure at 65 cannot be the thing we all want to do...he is very willing and is putting himself out there for the both of us. What a great hubby that I have!! Course anyone that has ever read this blog of mine knows how I feel about him..Fortunate, lucky, blessed and certainly in Love with this man!!

Our two kitties are still having their battles but this mom of kitties is hoping that soon we can get this all behind us and both of our little ones will live in harmony. I have my squirt bottle and when battles happen I am there squirting away!! I talked to them and tried to tell them that they NEED to get along....Hmmm..Wonder if they listened!!

Savannah is into Spring now and oh do I love this time of the year. Usually around here from about Feb till April it is gorgeous. The flowers will be starting to pop out soon. I have seen some of the buds on some trees are already coming alive!! I love living in this state..Hope I get to stay!!

Well this has taken me a long time to get together!! I am not the blogger that I used to be and I know it. I wish that I could get back to reading others blogs and posting every day but that has not happened this year. Life has seemed to get in the way...Oh speaking of life...I am back in my splint on my left hand again...The bone has healed but the cartlidge is giving me fits..pain mostly. I am in this thing again for at least 2-6 more weeks. GREAT!! That big fall of mine is never going to leave me alone.

Hang in there fellow Bloggers

Thought for the day: "We do not stop playing because we grow old, We grow old because we stop playing!! Never be the first to get old!!"....some good advice!!